What are these tattoos?

It is an aesthetic specialty that can modify, correct, improve and balance facial features by introducing pigments into the superficial skin layer.

Micropigmentation can be done for different purposes:

  1. Aesthetic – facial micropigmentation in the skin: eyebrows, eyes, lips
  2. Reconstructive – pigmentation or creation of areolas after total or subtotal mastectomy, vitiligo, scar tissue, etc.
  3. Micropigmentation of the scalp – simulating hair on the scalp, camouflage of skin grafts after hair transplantation.
  4. Note: Micropigmentation differs from artistic tattooing through the pigments used, depth of pigment insertion, device and accessories as well as used needles.

Last but not least, an important feature is the difference between the retention time of these tattoos over time: classic tattooing is permanent and micropigmentation is temporary.

Temporary micropigmentation helps control your treatment, allowing you to change your appearance in time. Depending on your wishes and needs.

The cosmetic semi-permanent tattoo requires specialized knowledge and a proper training in drawing, color chromatics, asepsis and technique!