Graduated in 1995 from the Tîrgu-Mures Faculty of Medicine and specialized in plastic surgery-reconstructive micro-surgery at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest in 1995-2000, Dr. Klara Bancila has an experience of over 15 years in the plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

DR. KLARA BANCILA – plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery specialist.

The professional experience has been gained during the residency at the Bucharest Clinical Hospital of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns, the largest clinic of its kind in Romania.

Dr. Klara Bancila frequently participates in international conferences for specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Vienna – Vienna Medical University, Monte Carlo – Anti Aging Medicine World Congress, Paris, London, Amsterdam and many other prestigious medical centers.

In 2000, Dr. Klara Bancia has opened in Bucharest her own medical clinic, specialized in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.   

Today, Dr. Klara Bancila performs various surgeries, from breasts and nose remodelling to plastic and reconstructive surgery.

  • Member of the Romanian Academic Society of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery since 2001
  • Member of the Association of Plastic Surgeons in Romania since 2004
  • Member of EBOPRAS European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of WOSIAM World Society Interdisciplinary Anti-aging Medicine
  • Member of ESPRAS European Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Member of FESSH Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand
  • Member of the IPRAS International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Chirurgie Estetica

The desire of improving the face and body aspects and creating a young appearance are the purposes that made out of the plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery one of the most challenging fields of medicine. Dr. Klara Bancila offers you the opportunity to enjoy the achievements of this field in a center that focuses on safety, comfort and a cost/quality efficiency.

Our plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery center is the embodiment of these qualities.

  • We know that the desire of improving the face and body aspects springs from a feeling of fear and anxiety towards ourselves. We are sensitive to these needs and this makes us to act on the standards we have set.
  • The orientation towards the clients and the desire to ensure their wellbeing, the experience in this field, internally and internationally recognized by our peers, have made us the best. We are not only offering quality services with the help of the latest technologies, but we are also offering support and assistance for each case, taking into account your needs.  
  • Many people seek an aesthetician when it is too late for their problems to be corrected. The aesthetic surgery helps you gain confidence in your own forces and be seen differently by the ones around you. The personal comfort is the launching ramp for succeeding in any field.
  • No matter what problem you have, we are able to help you
  • We are a team of professionals that can be reached and communicated to very easily. We are here for you. The specific plastic surgery procedures are specially adapted for you in the Aesthetic Line Center. We perform over 300 aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries.
  • It is only normal, having such a broad spectrum, that we can relate to any situation. The people are the most important. The ones who reach us become aware of this fact. Our purpose is to build ourselves a name based on this exact feature.  
  • The means we have are offering us the certainty that we are the best suited for solving your problems.
  • Plastic surgery has become a handy solution for anyone. We offer you these solutions at international standards.
  • Plastic surgery is an art that must be created by professionals. “Plastic” comes from the greek “to model”.

We are here for this: no matter what your problem is – you have suffered an accident, you have a congenital malformation or you simply want to look better, Dr. Klara Bancila is here to help you look as you want.